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Electronic Boards Assembly

Both, automated (SMT) & manual (THT) technologies are applied for boards’ assembly.

We have 3 fully automated placement lines equipped with intelligent feeders as well as enhanced data traceability.  We systematically control all our serigraphy-printed circuits via a 3D inspection method. We do also inspect the solder paste (SPI) and the quality of reflow once the boards are out of the oven through an Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machine. A TCP/IP communication between these two inspection methods is ran by Sigma – Link program.  The production control and the monitoring of our processes is consolidated through  optical means, namely through  Magnus X Pro, Binocular, and  Mantis Microscope.

For traditional boards assembly, we have 2 soldering-processing  wave machines,  using RoHS and leaded (specific service ).

To ensure that our products are in conformity, we employ an IN-Situ electric & a functional test. We support our clients in developing the specifications of the appropriate inspection equipment through our validated testing solutions suppliers.

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